Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Norfolk - Such a Wonderful Venue

The weekend was originally dedicated as a non-birding weekend as had much to do around the house and in the garden. This plan failed as soon as news of the Black-Winged Stilts at Titchwell turned up on Saturday. It took longer than I had hoped to get there as traffic was controlled by hot weather, beach going, gremlins. But I made it and sure enough was lucky enough to see all 5 Black-winged Stilts. I waited 30mins before Adam and James made it and then hung around for another 30mins before I could feel my skin cooking in the sun

Saw some moths at the visitor centre including Privet Hawk, Popular Hawk, a yellow one, a green one, a brown one and one that looks like a stick.
Sunday was birding left to late, Due to family comitments I didn't arrive at the Car Park until 7.40 something it was pouring with rain but the skies beyond looked brighter. With some fast walking and some running I was at Long Hills by 8.15 no sign of any birders meant I had my work cut out, their is alot of Suaeda at Long Hills and with the time of year any type of flushing is a big no. I walked all around the main paths until dark but only found Meadow Pipits. Had planned to go the next morning but pulled my Hamstring triping on some rocks on the walk back so rest was needed. To be fair I thought I was a bit nuts going at that time but I met 2 Fisherman who were staying at Halfway House on the walk out and then on the way back he said did you see it? No I replied. He then told me about a man who he saw at least 30mins after me who was cold and soaked through came up to them and said about the Subalpine Warbler and told them he had caught trains and a bus to Blakeney and then swam the creek to get there - now thats dedication.

Monday's Birding was quick and simple went to Ranworth saw the Black Tern.
Tuesday's Birding - not great missed Blue-winged Teal at Cley- was not there at all.
But for Norfolk four days 7 Great Birds (5 Stilts, Subalpine, BW Teal) and one good bird (Black Tern) only here (and Shetland) could it happen.

Friday Fun

Went for two British Lifers on 4th June 2010 and succeeded for full report check out the diary pages on my full website click here below is a picture diary of my wonderful day.

First Morning Birders (It got really hot!!!)

Blorenge - Home of Rare

Heat Haze Picture of Marmora's Warbler

Even more hazey picture of Mamora's Warbler

Was really hot by the time I took this Whinchat

The Great Reed Warbler at Ilkestone
Fen Drayton - Ferry Lagoon
Over - Fen End - Water Violet
Shrew at Over
Red-Footed Falcon Over


Thursday, 3 June 2010

Purple Heron

Doing the normal drive to work this morning coming out of Wayford as normal checking I was still doing 50mph (dam the average speed cameras), I looked up to see a small Heron type bird originally I thought oh wow a Bittern but as I drove closer it didn't look quite right. Had my bins to hand and straight away I could see that it was actually a oh wow Purple Heron. It flew south over A149 near sewage works between Stalham and Wayford and appeared to land about a mile away probably near the River Ant.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Great Few Days

Have had a great few days birding in and just out of Norfolk (Lakenheath)
Have seen plenty of bits for the year and a full report is on my Website
Below are a few snaps taken during the weekend and Tuesday.
Below All Seen 30/05/10
Tree Pipit
Stone Curlew
Yellow Wagtail
Red Kite
Tree Sparrow
Little Owl

Golden Oriole

Below here seen 01/06/2010

Red-backed Shrike

Marsh Warbler
Has been super. Saw the Trumpeter Finch also, but shots of that are even worse than these.