Monday, 22 September 2014

Patch and a Caspian Gull

Sorry I am behind I am juggling birding, and an extension being built on the house which involves everyone moving out so a very busy man.

The morning of the 5th September I popped down to Trimingham to see what was about I arrived at the Cliffs at around 8.05 and had a scan around and within 5mins I was on a Balearic Shearwater a great patch tick.

The wind was strong and birds were hard to see, I found a Chiffchaff, Blackcap and a Whitethroat.

After a longer walk around I got onto two Whinchat.

I continued around the cliff top not seeing much else.

I had to go to Cromer so popped down to see the Caspian Gull that had been around a few days (now a few weeks)

The next day I done the other areas of my patch, Pigney's Wood, Witton Church and Ebridge.

Pigneys first and a large number of Chiffchaff were around and the only other bird of note was the Cetti's Warbler that has returned like they do every winter.

I did see a second generation Snout at Pigney's an then got another in the trap that night.

I then went to Witton Church found a small tit flock (Greats and Blue) with a few Chaffinch and then struck another patch tick as a Pied Flycatcher was flying around.

I then had a scan around as Witton Church has a brilliant vantage point and in the distance 4 Cranes circled in the sky.

This cool snail was also at the Church

and this Roesel's Bush Cricket

After the church I went to Ebridge where 3 or maybe 4 Whinchat were flicking around.

and this distant Hobby had be rushing back to the Car to get my scope to make sure it wasn't something better.