Sunday, 31 March 2013

Patch and Gulls

Down the patch on brief almost drive through visits I have added a few birds, getting to 99 spiecies with some fly through Dunlin was nice, but not as good as seeing a Red-head Smew in the failing light last week. I wonder what my 100th will be (my guess would have to be Swallow).

Other birds of note since my last update, this Ad Sum Med Gull at Walcott, Plus lots of Gannets moving through and a Great Northern Diver on the sea.

Followed by the Ad Sum Med Gull at Waxham

The Glaucous Gull was there alsobut didn't want to be photo graphed.

 On a different day (Good Friday) at Waxham, many gulls to sift through.

 At Sea Palling, we saw 3 Glaucous Gull (all Juv) and a Caspian Gull (ad) but no others.

Glaucous A

Glaucous B


Glaucous C

and a video of Glaucous B

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Goshawk, Otter, Other

Firstly I have not got time for a proper update put heres a brief in pictures...
On the patch..

At Cley
Thetford (area)


 Nearly Home..

Sunday, 3 March 2013

White-tailed Eagle plus catch up

My Broadband is finally working so I can give an update. Starting with today, I headed for Houghton to try see the White-tailed Eagle and after a few near misses we finally caught up with this most impresive bird, and yes that is a Buzzard next to it!
A mixed flock of Whooper and Bewicks (4 Whooper and 25 Bewicks) flew over the house and in the right direction for me to shoot down the road and see them from the patch.

Yesterday this Purple Sandpiper was showing very well at Walcott.

Wednesday, I took the family to Africa alive, here was this large flock of Barnacle Geese, I guess these are part of the feral flock that go around the Southwold area?


Also at Africa Alive was a huge flock of Brambling of at least 300, big flock of Siskin and Redpolls also.

Last Weekend this Pheasent spent 3 days in the garden, which for a town garden is quite odd.

Last week I went to Yarmouth Library and saw the twelve Waxwings that were there.

The patch proved difficult two weekends ago in the fog, but the Song Thrushes were singing well.

On Valentines Day I popped into Bowthorpe Marshes where the Great White Egret was for a few minutes before flushed by a dog.

It then flew to next to the Bridge by Spire Hospital and showed well.

Last but not least I did run the moth trap on the 15th Feb and got two moths and both new for the garden and to me with this Dark Chestnut...

and this Pale Brindled Beauty.