Saturday, 12 December 2015

Cattle Egret

Had a Christmas card to deliver down Sea Palling way so thought I would call in on this little star.

It didn't do much while I was there, it just sat on a cow.

It did do a little fly over to some other cows as I was leaving.

Stopped and had a quick look at these Whoopers near Ingham on the way back.

Saturday, 5 December 2015

Cantley, Buckenham and Strumpshaw

I braved the conditions and headed to Cantley/Buckenham on the aim to get a photo of Taiga Bean Goose.

First stop was Cantley Burnt House Road.

The wind was incredibly strong and was very difficult to stand straight. The Marsh Harrier's were struggling to fly and many birds seemed anchored to the ground.

A small flock of Pink-footed Geese flew over.

Around 80 White-fronted Geese were on the marsh but all the birds were very jittery and spooked easily. 

I scanned around for about a hour not seeing anything else so headed to Buckenham Marsh RSPB.

From the car park a nice flock of Lapwing held a few Ruff.

On the river I scanned through the large flock of Wigeon in the hope of something rarer but had no joy.

On the walk down the river I saw Kingfisher and Little Egret, a Chinese Water Deer crashed through the reeds as I walked up to it, the strong wind clearly had hidden my presence. Walking further I could see the Taiga Bean Geese in the distant.

They remained distant and did take flight briefly and landed slightly further away.

I then headed for Strumpshaw, very quiet here with most of the birds seen around the feeders. Marsh Tit and Marsh Harrier were the highlights although it was good to photograph these.

Great Tit





The only animals that looked relaxed about the weather were these.

Saturday, 14 November 2015

Glossy Ibis, Hoopoe and a New Camera

I picked up my new Nikon P900 on Thursday and was desperate to try it out, so with a dry morning forecast I was heading for Felbrigg.

Reading the last of yesterday messages on the pager I diverted and headed for Crostwick instead in hope of the Hoopoe.

No joy after hour and half of searching and I only got to take one picture of this House Sparrow

I then went to Felbrigg, walked straight to the lake and to the Glossy Ibis.

The bird showed really well and after half hour of watching it I went to test the camera properly

I took a few picture to get a real feel for it, below is a demonstration of its zoom capabilities its amazing

Partially Zoomed In

Full range optical

And although all concept of quality has gone once in digital zoom it could come in handy for those mega rare record shots.


I then headed home but couldn't resist the temptation of the Hoopoe so I went back for a look.

An considering it was pouring with rain I was impressed with these pictures also, even if the Hoopoe wasn't

Saturday, 12 September 2015

Bluethroat and Wryneck at Winterton

Not a lot extra to say what the title doesn't already, went to Winterton and got superb views of the Bluethroat and really smashing bird.

The Wryneck wasn't as showy....


People waiting for the Wryneck

Saturday, 29 August 2015

Pigney's Wood, Dragons and Hoppers

I went to Pigney's yesterday, a Wood Sandpiper was the only bird highlight, so luckily I saw some other bits.

The targets of today were Grasshoppers and Dragonflies. 

Loads of Dragonflies on the wing including Brown Hawker, Common Darter and Emperor. Also these.

Migrant Hawker

Southern Hawker

As for the Grasshoppers/Crickets I got to see plenty and photograph few but here's what I got.

Common Green Grasshopper

Field Grasshopper

Another Field Grasshopper in brown

Long-winged Conehead

Was hoping for more birds plenty of Chiffchaffs but nothing else yet.

If I have ID these wrong I am sure you will all be able to read James's comments below he's bound to correct me.

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Nectarine Warbler

This was the name heard by an elderly lady who was half deaf, it was heard as Cream Warbler and then corrected to Nectarine she went away happy though.

I was lucky enough to get great views of the Burnham Overy Icterine Warbler this afternoon getting these shots.

I only went as its a bird I have seen a few times but have never managed a picture so was pleased with my results.

Got this video also

On the walk up and back I was lucky enough to have a Spoonbill only a few feet over my head, also saw Greenshank, Summer plumage Grey Plover and Whimbrel

also saw these interesting? insects, not something I have noticed before.

Lots of butterflies also with Wall, Gatekeeper, Meadow Brown, Painted Lady, Red Admiral, Common Blue and the whites, here is a video I got a couple of weeks ago.