Thursday, 6 November 2014

One of those days....(of the good version)

Sometimes you head out birding and everything just falls into place, Saturday was one of them days.

I headed to Breydon Water in the hope of seeing a Rough-legged Buzzard well as I had heard that they were showing well down there.

After sorting the kid out I headed off and got to Breydon at about 9.45.

Instantly I could see a huge flock of Golden Plover, I spent some time scanning through for a slightly smaller grey version but could pick anything of note out.

I carried on and could hear the Golden Plover calling I turned around to see them all in the air.

Many Little Egrets were along the dyke next to the sea wall.

I had a practice at trying to get some flight shots, something I struggle with on my camera.

Unless the flight is stationary, like this Kestrel.

Two Brent geese were feeding next to the bank showing well.

I continued walking through the wind and rain and wondered why? I eventually spotted a Rough-legged Buzzard flying around and being mobbed by a Marsh Harrier. I watched it in the distance and carried on walking watching it fly around as I went on my way.

I saw it land so carried on walking to get a closer look. I eventually got to a spot were I could see the Rough-legged Buzzard on a distant post.

It took off from the post and started hunting over the field, at this point 12 Twite flew over my head and disappeared.

I continued to watch the Rough-legged Buzzard as it got mobbed my Crow's, Lapwings, Marsh Harrier and Peregrine. It really was nice being out there all by myself.

I picked up the other two Rough-legged Buzzards also flying behind the mill.

I wondered back and then came across the Twite again, but this time they were showing very well right next to the path. Once again it was lovely to have these birds all to myself.

I walked on an a bird in the sky caught my eye, I initially thought it was a Peregrine but upon getting the bins on it it appeared to have a dark breast, it was the briefest of views but it certainly looked different as it flew off strong down Breydon Water.

Walking some more I could see a Kestrel mobbing a Short-eared Owl, It was then joined by a second Short-eared Owl flying over the fields. I then walked up to the field and got fantastic view of the two Short-eared Owls hunting over the field.

I walked on and flushed a third Short-eared Owl from right next to the path it flew further along and landed on the shore and did it best effort to look like a Long-eared.

I had to carry on walking and the Owl flew back towards it original spot on the bank.

(the video shows the Short-eared Owls and the Golden Plover from earlier and Brent Geese)

I left Breydon with the weather improving and the rain moving out leaving this wonderful scene.

I then popped into Suffolk to see the Hoopoe.

Luckily I was the last person to see it as it flew off and did not return. I did get a chance to see this Jackdaw on the moon whilst searching for the Hoopoe.