Tuesday, 21 February 2012

White-tailed ? Eagle

I saw this bird whilst driving home along the A149 just south of Ormesby St Margaret, in the distance I originally thought I was watching two Jackdaws mobbing a Buzzard, as I got closer I realised that the scale was all wrong, the long heavy wingflaps of the larger bird looked odd, then I noticed the small birds were Buzzards and this was indeed an eagle.

The Eagle then landed in the wood at the red spot, I pulled off the A149 onto the Filby Road the car behind me had also seen the Eagle and stopped to ask what it was commenting on its size.

I then waited and watched the Buzzards continue to circle around at the bird in the trees below, the bird was out of sight and I hoped that someone with optics would turn up so that I could clinch the id.

After 30mins I then walked up the road to the pink dot and could clearly see the bird sat in the tree at the red dot, the shape and stance of the bird looked White-tailed Eagle but I cant be 100% sure as I could only see it by eye.

After I put out the second message on RBA the bird then flew along the yellow line, and appeared to land in the area of the blue dot, the Buzzards got up again and started circling above the trees and calling.

It was already quite dark so I am sure the Eagle wouldn't of gone far.

A few other birders then turned up and we tried to look from the orange area which is a public bridle way and there is a layby at the purple bit to park cars, we had no luck as it was just too dark.I hope that all makes sence, and I hope its about in the morning.Eyes to the skies everyone

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Yellowthroat Pictures

I can finally add my pictures so here they are.

Friday, 17 February 2012

Common Yellowthroat

Some reason cant add any pictures, but I did see the Common Yellowthroat today. A really great bird, mobile (not helped that 300 people are running after you), but showed well once the twitch settled.

Still had the usual where one photographer (but only one was really bad the others were ok behaved) saw the bird fly into brambles and then proceeded to walk straight upto the brambles.

But other than that one incident it was a really good day.

I also popped into Lynford on the way home and saw one Hawfinch and a couple of Crossbills.

Will try the few pictures tomorrow (but they aren't that good anyway)

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Typical Winters Day in Norfolk - Awesome

Firstly I will start with yesterday, I finished work in Bacton and headed to Walcott I had had a tip off about some sea birds so went looking. After about 30mins of scanning I finally found what I was looking for a Black-throated Diver, an adult in winter plumage clearly showing the distinctive White Flash, Dark Back, Dark Neck and peaked forehead. It seemed to dive much longer than the Red-throated Divers that were also around. I also saw the Mediterranean Gull and an Eider flew through. I also had two Bewick's flyover Witton so a good patch tick.

Now for today, it started not all that early arriving at Salthouse at about 9.30, the Snow Buntings were flying around and a flock of Turnstone were also about. I went and stood near the ditch to the West of the car park and waited.

The best part of 30 seconds past before the Turnstone flock came and landed next to me, it really was amazing as they and a very brave Sanderling came within inches of my feet looking for food. I guess that after a week of really bad weather they are just to hungry to worry. Knot and a Dunlin also joined the flock as the looked for food. The Snow Buntings also came in every now and then.

After this I had a look on the Sea and the Slavonian Grebe was showing in the Weyborne direction and always swimming away East.

From Salthouse I went to Wells and went to look at the Smew and Goosander that had been present. At least three Goosander were there.

There were also four Smew all redhead but as this picture shows one of them is a first winter drake.

The above clearly show's the dark eye patch compared to the below female that doesn't.

Pintail and Teal were also on the lake and a Waterail was running along the far bank.

I left Wells and headed for Holkham I walked out into the bay watching the large flock of Skylark and Linnets (the tourist Twite as I heard someone say 'there go the Twite' but these were clearly Linnets). Heading further East a couple called me over as they had found the Shorelark. Whilst watching these the Skylark came and landed next to us, as did the Linnets and a flurry of Snow Buntings. A Rock Pipit also sat near us briefly.

Over the Marsh there were many Golden Plover, Grey Plover, Knot and Redshank.

Walking back I saw the Snow Buntings again and a flock of smaller birds in the West of the bay.
I continued walking to get a closer look, eventually I could see the other birds and these were indeed Twite. A Lapland Bunting had now also joined the Snow Bunting flock.

After here I walked back to the car and flying to the East of the Lady Ann's Drive was a Rough-legged Buzzard in the distance, the Ross's Goose was also in the fields to the West. I saw a second Rough-legged Buzzard over the road at Warham as I was driving home.

One last stop as I pulled in at Sheringham to see the Purple Sandpiper, I walked along the promenade and could see a Purple Sandpiper at the end of the next groyne, I kept walking and as I arrived at the next groyne the Purple Sandpiper flew back to the previous groyne.

I walked back and re-found the bird the Purple Sandpiper then flew towards me and was joined by two others sat only a few metres away, totally amazing.

Before I left a Long-tailed Duck flew West.

Friday, 10 February 2012

New Garden Tick

Yet again my garden pulls out all the stops and some how I get another garden tick.

For those that dont know my garden is in North Walsham Town Centre far away from any fields, woodland, rivers or ponds but next to the local park. I have had some odd bod birds in the past (Kingfisher and Pheasant), and this morning another got added to the list.

I open the curtains and a Grey Partridge is running around it disappeared to quick for any pictures but never mind what a great bird.

I haven't really been anywhere only about the patches but nothing of note yet.

But I did record the birds in the garden on Sunday after the snow.