Saturday, 17 July 2010

James - Moths!!!!

James (or whoever) Please help me with these moths I am stuck (all taken today in Bacton unless stated)

Moth 1

Moth 2

Moth 3

Moth 3 also (different angle)

Moth 4 (Taken 4th July Gimingham)

Dont worry I know this one its a Hummingbird Hawk Moth (I hope it is)

This is my third of the year and second in this garden.

Rusty Tussock Moth ?? I think.

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  1. Yo.

    The good news: Moth 3 is a Silver Y, Moth 4 looks like a Yellow Shell and your caterpillar is a Vapourer Moth, I used to have them on a willow at home.

    The bad news is that the first two are micros, and I wouldn't confidently identify them to species level. The first is an ermine (micro "Ermines" are small, thin and white with black spots, not to be confused with macro ermines). They all look similar, a reasonable guess would be Orchard Ermine. The second is a Veneer of some sort. There are loads, I'd stick with Veneer Sp.