Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Cantley and Buckenham

A long and painful walk down to see the Lesser White-fronted Goose at Cantley on Sunday, now that I have torn other ligaments in my foot it just aches all over. The walk down was quiet not many birds about a lone Cetti's Warbler in the reeds and a few Tufted Duck on the river. The cold weather forcing the other birds to unfrozen pastures.

I arrived at the Goose site and it wasnt long before I was watching the Lesser White-fronted Goose with the 100+ Taiga Beans, I wasnt long after that when it flew behind the railway line just out of site.

Two Pink-footed Geese were in the flock along with 4 White-fronted, a Marsh Harrier or two coasted by and a Buzzard sat on the railway wires.

A Hooded Crow was picked out by Richard which wasnt the hybrid that had been reported earlier in the month, but a proper Hoody only my second in Norfolk.

We got a brief view of the Lesser White-front as it stuck its head up from beyond the railway before I then wondered back.

The way back I saw 36 White-Fronted Geese take off from Buckenham and around 800 Wigeon sat on the river, I scanned through these and the only different bird I found was a Tufted Duck.

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