Monday, 15 August 2011

Something to talk about

Updates have been a bit thin on the ground, with rare breeders (can't say nothing about that), Hot Weather (can't be bothered to go anywhere), DIY (somehow have loads of it) and my new daughter (she isn't old enough to do the DIY yet) I just haven't really been anywhere.

But yesterday afternoon I went for a walk a 'bins' only walk at Horsey Gap down to the North end of Winterton Dunes.

The drive down to Horsey had me parked awkwardly on a sharp bend near Ingham as a Honey Buzzard flew low over the road and fields and headed north.

At Horsey I wondered down the track and came to a party of Hirundines at least 150 strong all sitting on the ground and the fence getting a drink of water from a track puddle.

I kept walking and just on the south side of the Nelson Head Track a Wheatear was on the fence and fluttered about the field.

I popped up onto the dunes and saw the Seals resting on the shore with many Common and Sandwich Terns over the sea, a Arctic Skua was also around with the Terns making sure that everyone was aware of his presence.

I carried on down the track at in the small wood at the extreme north of Winterton Dunes a Pied Flycatcher was present and two Redstarts were in nearby bushes.

The sun then went in and a few spots of rain started to fall so I headed back. The Wheatear was still in the field near to the Nelson Head Track, and some photographers were just to the North of the track. They stopped me and asked what this bird is and it was a male Stonechat. The Stonechat then flew further up the path and I continued walking. Around the corner the Stonechat sat up on a bush one side of the track and the other side a juv Stonechat and another bird sat on the fence.

The male Stonechat kept chasing this bird from perch to perch eventually the other bird landed near me and it was a juv Whinchat.

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