Sunday, 15 January 2012


With the chance of a new lifer so early in the year I had to go to Calshot. Leaving at 3.30am I picked up Adam and re arrived at 7.40. The walk up to the close we had a Woodcock fly over our heads. We then arrived at the village hall car park and waited, with a few others.

Whilst there as the sun come up more birds became active, someone spotted a Peregrine on a distant power tower. Then after a while the warden on site alerted us to the birds whereabouts so we were on the move. The bird had been seen in his girlfriends garden and he allowed access as it seemed to not want to come out. But as soon as the first lot of people had filled the house they were rushing out again as it was now in the hedge outside. Views were brief but good.

Adam and I then went for a bite to eat in the make shift cafe and returned for better views as the crowds had died down. We waited for the house to clear a bit more before we got our turn at some great views. But as no scopes were allowed my digi-scoping ways were hampered and this was the best shot I could get.

Like everyone else we headed to Beaulieu to try and see the Dark-eyed Junco.

Straight away we were rewarded with great but flighty and brief views but then had to wait a while for some more this Crossbill showed well while we waited.

This Crossbill did also.

Eventually the Dark-eyed Junco re-appeared so I could take these shots.

After this was stopped at Hatchet Pond and saw Goosander. We then returned to Calshot to try and see the Black-necked Grebe but had no luck. All in all I clocked up 51 species in the few hours that we were there.

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