Tuesday, 21 February 2012

White-tailed ? Eagle

I saw this bird whilst driving home along the A149 just south of Ormesby St Margaret, in the distance I originally thought I was watching two Jackdaws mobbing a Buzzard, as I got closer I realised that the scale was all wrong, the long heavy wingflaps of the larger bird looked odd, then I noticed the small birds were Buzzards and this was indeed an eagle.

The Eagle then landed in the wood at the red spot, I pulled off the A149 onto the Filby Road the car behind me had also seen the Eagle and stopped to ask what it was commenting on its size.

I then waited and watched the Buzzards continue to circle around at the bird in the trees below, the bird was out of sight and I hoped that someone with optics would turn up so that I could clinch the id.

After 30mins I then walked up the road to the pink dot and could clearly see the bird sat in the tree at the red dot, the shape and stance of the bird looked White-tailed Eagle but I cant be 100% sure as I could only see it by eye.

After I put out the second message on RBA the bird then flew along the yellow line, and appeared to land in the area of the blue dot, the Buzzards got up again and started circling above the trees and calling.

It was already quite dark so I am sure the Eagle wouldn't of gone far.

A few other birders then turned up and we tried to look from the orange area which is a public bridle way and there is a layby at the purple bit to park cars, we had no luck as it was just too dark.I hope that all makes sence, and I hope its about in the morning.Eyes to the skies everyone

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  1. Nice find Gary! You must be chuffed. Hopefully it is relocated.