Sunday, 16 September 2012

Baillon's Crake and a Visit to the Patch

Today I headed with Dad to Rainham, we got to the hide just after 7.30am and waited....
Here are some of the people that waited also.

Little Grebe's were feeding young and we watch one young bird struggle to swallow a frog that it had caught.
After three and a half hours Dad catch's a glimps of a bird, he said to me well that was a crake or could of been a Water Rail? Followed with 'it had white spots on its back' my eyes rolled as clearly he had just glimpsed the Crake.
Another hour passed and at 12.15pm we both find the Baillon's Crake in the Rushes it was brief but good views a few other people got to see it and I spotted it again a little further along before it went out of sight.
Yesterday I went to Pigney's Wood had Green Sandpiper and Little Egret. Also Comma, Red Admiral Butterfly and Painted Lady. Also some Dragonfly including the one below - is this an Emperor ?


  1. Well done seeing the crake. The dragonfly is a Migrant Hawker.

  2. Ta for that, I will have to have a look for some insect books at some point