Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Survey - 1 in 3000 Teal thinks Breydon is small

First off Saturday Witton Woods and this Fungi - James any ideas.

Also a stop at Trimingham produced and unusual flock of Two Shelduck and Three Wigeon on the sea. I had to keep staring and the Shelduck to make sure they weren't Merganser.

I then spent the evening at Ebridge where I got to see Waterail, Reed Bunting and Little Owl.

Sunday I went to Ebridge again the only highlight was this Muntjac

And this Fallow Deer at Witton was nice to see. (Edit its a Roe Deer, oh dear)
I then spent a good hour at Trimingham where after going through the 300 or so Red-throated Diver I found a Slavonian Grebe on the sea, as well as Guillemot and Razorbill. I also got this picture of a Gannet, and added Lesser Black-backed Gull to the patchwork challenge list.

On monday I siffted though the 3000 Teal at lunch for 40mins and was on my 'last look' when I spotted it at the back of the flock.

Its marked with an arrow, but it was easier to see than on this photo.

Tuesday I stopped once again at the swans where I got this great comparison shot.


  1. Replies
    1. I meant to put Roe deer, I was thinking that Fallow is now the only deer I hadn't seen in the area and then wrote that instead.

      Should't do these things late at night.

  2. Hiya.

    I can't be sure without a photo of the underside, but it looks like Maze Gill (Daedalea quercina). There is a bit visible in the top left that looks maze like, and the ringed pattern and colour fit.

    The deer is Roe.

    1. As I was walking away I thought I bet I should of took a picture of the underside.

      I know for next time