Tuesday, 16 February 2016

New birds on a very cold patch

5th Visit to Trimingham

I got out early on Sunday and was at in Trimingham at 7am. I covered the sheltered area's first to give me a chance to get climatised to the incredibly strong and amazingly freezing northerly blasting off the sea.

A pleasant surprise was hearing the two Song Thrush's in full song on the walk round. Nothing much else of note in the village apart from the large number of Chaffinch, these weren't in flock but mostly in pairs with males chasing the female around and then having a quick sing song after. A nice sign of spring being around the corner.

I then dared to look at the sea and somehow found a sheltered spot in the cliff top wood.

I was straight away onto a Gannet close inshore, and got a further 9 during the watch. Then a flock of 22 Scoter flew through East with 1 Velvet among them. Not other birds were seen despite the high number of Auks being counted elsewhere around the coast.

I then walked the cliff top through the horizontal hail/snow/rain found a large flock of Meadow Pipits in the field which I managed to see on the deck, they were all Meadow Pipit but the walk through the field did make me flush a Snipe a patch year tick before I moved on.

Trimingham Species seen this visit 29, total for the year 59

5th Visit to Gimingham

This Kestrel was very showy but always wanted to be facing the other way.

On the lake 10 Canada Geese had appeared from nowhere giving me another patch year tick.

The Kingfisher was around also, Redwing and Siskin were around the church as well as a Green Woodpecker an additional year tick.

Gimingham Species seen this visit 22, total for the year 44

Total for the whole patch this year 95

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