Monday, 17 January 2011

On the Patch

After receiving news of Waxwings at Sainsburys I head down to have a look, I guess this is the same party of Waxwings I saw New Years Eve outside my house. I arrived at around 10am and saw the Waxwings in the distant trees nr the Church but went for a closer look and couldn't relocate them. I did see a Stock Dove though adding my 37th North Walsham bird of the year.

I then decided I could add more so me and Claire went for a small walk around Witton Woods we were there 45mins and we saw a big fat zero of birds. The strong wind seemed to keep them all hiding only hearing Goldcrest, Wren and a Robin we moved on.

A quick stop at Walcott we watched the ad Med Gull the third in 3 years and a different bird each year. Also had a Red-throated Diver on the sea.

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