Friday, 4 March 2011

The End of An Era

The day finally came when, with the baby on the way, my car had to replaced. It has now been sold. It was my twitching beast rarely letting me down. Only braking down once whilst birding outside a nudist camp (we weren't birding outside the nudist camp thats where the exhaust came off).
Getting it in May 2006 the first rarity and lifer seen with it was the Wilson's Phalarope at Hillesden.

Through the years I have been to see some really great birds and clocked up around 60,000 birding miles.

My really true highlights in no particular order have to be seeing the Long-billed Murrelet, 5 Red-flanked Bluetails, Dark-eyed Junco, White-crowned Sparrow, Lesser Kestrel, Alder Flycatcher and my favourite the Black Lark.
I remember racing to the Black Lark around the sharp bends (travelling at a legal limit of course) and once we arrived the brakes were burning hot and were smoking slightly.

I loved that car but now have a new one and I will soon have my new family to take with me (well at least on the shorter journeys).
Below is my car in the summer of 2010 when me and James went to see a Norfolk lifer the Hooded Crow.

My 206 - Wilson's Phalarope to Rufous Turtle Dove

May 06 to Feb 11

60,000 (ish) Birding Miles

Total 348 Species Seen with it

Took me to 40 Lifers

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