Sunday, 9 October 2011

A day in searching

Today I decided on heading out in search for migrants I the hope of finding a really gooden.

This was based on yesterday whislt doing the garden fence, seeing in the region of 500 Redwing fly over and 1 Fieldfare during the morning. Although the highlight was hearing this odd Sparrow like call from behind my hedge and then realising that it was a Richard's Pipit as it then flew off over the garden.

I started today with a brief stop at Cley I thought about going here first to shelter from the rain, but after a quick scan from the car park a seeing a lack of birds I thought I would head straight to my main plan which was Stifkey.

I parked at the Campsite and walked towards the wood, here I saw my first migrants of the day whilst watching the tit flock a few Brambling sat up in the tree tops.

I continued further scaning through the Long-tailed tits but finding nothing extra, at a clearing in the trees I scanned across the marshes at a Golden Plover flock which took off and at the same time a Great Tit gave a warning call and as I looked up a Peregrine flew along close to the trees.

I continued walking and searched through four different tit flocks but finding only a Blackcap. I watched a small bush that held two Reed Bunting, three Linnets and a Yellowhammer.

Before I knew it I was at Stifkey Fen and here things get a little more interesting a scanned through the many Teal and found two Curlew Sandpiper and a Little Stint. At the time I questioned the Stint but put it down to the arkward light and my hopes and headed back.

But here are some images of the Stint below I am sure it is just funny plumaged Little but what do you think?

The way back was quiet a few more Brambling flew over and a Kingfisher was down a channel. A small flock of Redwing headed inland and a Song Thrush was now in the wood.

From here I went to Cley and spent 50mins Sea Watching and here are the results,

Golden Plover 1

Gannet 17

Brent Goose 192

Wigeon 22

Red-throated Diver 1

Guillemot 4

Meadow Pipit 1

Teal 1

Dunlin 4

Cormorant 6

Skylark 18

Pintail 6

Shelduck 2

After that I went home.

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