Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Moth Trap for second Night

I had a chance after the last times trapping to have another go myself but this time all night, here is what I got if any are wrong let me know.


Common Footman
Dotted Oak Knot-horn

Common Rustic

Common Rustic also

Dark Arches

Large Yellow Underwing

Lesser Common Rustic
I know this can be had to tell but net to the Common Rustic it looked smaller the the markings seemed to match those in the book.

Lesser Swallow Prominent

Wiband Wave

Ringed China-Mark

Rosy Tabby

Scalloped Hook Tip


White Satin 

I caught some of the same from the time before but here are the numbers Common Footman 4, Lesser Swallow Prominent 3, Dark Arches 8, White Satin 1, Scalloped Hook Tip 3, Common Rustic 6, Large Yellow Underwing 13, Lesser Broad Boarded Yellow Underwing 4, Yellow Shell 1, Mother of Pearl 4, Fanfoot 3, Broad-boarded Yellow Underwing 3, Uncertain 1, Lesser Common Rustic 1, Riband Wave 1, Rosy Tabby 1, Ringed China-Mark 1 and Dotted Oak Knot-horn 1.
Then last weekend I got to see this Herald in Bacton.


  1. Your IDs look fine to me, the only one I'm not sure about is your footman. There are several similar species and it could be the grey and yellow form of Dingy Footman because it appears to only have a pale yellow border and not much yellow at the end of the wings. It could just be a washed out Common Footman though.

    1. I take your point with this one but I did have other better looking Common Footman that got away that seemed to be the same?, some of these moths are crazy to id. I did pick Common in the end on this one due to the yellow legs (all the pictures I have seen of Dingy seem to have black legs?) and the lack of curve in the wing edged me towards common.

    2. Yeah some of the moths, especially those with multiple forms, can be a right pain in the bum. Having had a look at some photos of both (I hadn't seen the yellow legs mentioned as a feature) I reckon you're right and they were Common Footman.

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