Saturday, 27 October 2012

Swallow, Waxwing, Little Auk, Black Redstart and the Arctic Warbler

Filling the bird feeders this morning in the hail a Swallow flew over.

Whilst working at Bacton I heard a trill, and straight away new it was Waxwing, I looked at the skies and couldn't see it, I then heard it again and realised it was in the tree above me.

It sat there for 2mins top before flying east.

After work I had 10mins spare so I went to Walcott to have a look at the sea, a few Brents flew past and a Little Auk! also.

On the drive back a Black Redstart was by the layby in Bacton.

On Wednesday I headed out early and went to the patch again, it was clearly quieter than the day before with fewer birds around, although still a few Hundred Thrushes around with four Ring Ouzel in amongst them.

A few Brambling also filtered through the wood.

I then set off for Holkham before news of the Arctic Warlber at Brancaster Staithe had me heading there instead.

I made a detour to get around a slow tanker and camper van through the heath at Kelling and on a field up the hill was a flock of around 300 finches which look like they were all Brambling.

I then got to Brancaster Staithe and went and saw the Arctic Warbler.

It was a nice bird to see although mobile and hard at times, one disapointment was when birders ignored a dog walker forcing her off the board walk.
After this I headed for Holkham to look for the Olive-backed Pipit I arrived at meals house meeting David and Jullian who then took me to where the first bird had been seen. We all walked through with no luck, David and Jullian headed off to try the second bird and I continued to look.
Walking through the dunes and pines more Thrushes arrived in off the sea, a Short-eared Owl also flew in off. I was lucky enough to see a Yellow-browed Warbler also.
I then got news of the second OBP being seen again so I wondered over through the dunes, I arrived to the sight of more Ring Ouzels and 15 Swallows flying around, I scanned the field it was reported to fly into but with no luck, light was fading to I headed home.
A few of the swallows at Burnham Overy Dunes/West end of Holkham Pines
Just ran the moth trap tonight and had only 1 moth, but a new for my list a Beaded Chestnut.

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