Friday, 19 April 2013

Glaucous Gull for patch plus Long-eared Owl and Red-flanked Bluetail

The best laid plans never work last weekend I had planned to get out early and hope to find some migrants, but a fish tank with half and inch less water in it on Saturday night left me do repairs first thing Sunday.
I did get enough done in time to go and see some other peoples birds though...and on the way at Walcott my first Swallow of the year.
Not much of a crowed at Horsey surprised me with a rare spring record of a Red-flanked Bluetail.
The Red-flanked Bluetail showed really well but was always on the move so proved difficult to photograph.

The Long-eared Owls at Wintertons showed well also but were not as mobile as the Red-flanked Bluetail.

We then had a look through the scrub in the dunes at Winterton but only saw Chiffchaff.

With the fish tank to finish of I headed home but had a chance to see this Glaucous Gull at Walcott, I think it was the same bird that had been at Sea Palling (the extra pale one). Whilst there a Sand Martin and Sandwich Tern flew over.

And of course as the title of this post suggests I also go the Glaucous Gull for the patch, as the patchwork rules state any bird seen from within you patch boundry counts, and from Witton Church you could clearly see this bird still sitting in the field.

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