Saturday, 13 April 2013

Winters Leaving, Plus patch hits 100

Thank you David for spotting this in Yarmouth, had no scope with me but had a look through someone elses. They also allowed me to get this picture using my phone.
I went back the next morning but there was no sign of the Long-eared Owl, this Pochard looked nice though in the morning sunshine.

Last weekend I got a text about 5 Red Kites I got could get away straight away but got down to Witton later on and got onto another fly through.

Last night I had the Moth Trap out and got this new lifer moth, a Common Quaker.

I also saw this spider, I took the picture as this is the same spider that has been in the same spot since last autumn, does anybody know what species it is? Also lots of Redwing flying over in the night.

Today I didn't really get the chance to do much birding as I had jobs to do in preperation (anticipation) of tomorrows mega arrival.

Although everyone seems to be seeing spring migrants I have still yet to see one, but all day I have seen alot of Thrush flocks, must of seen nearly 2000 of Redwing/Fieldfare heading East. I did come across this flock so managed to get a few pictures.


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