Sunday, 16 February 2014

Yellow-rumped Warbler and an amazing Black Grouse

Adam and I headed to Durham on Saturday seeing the Yellow-rumped Warbler. It was all easy apart from the drive up in the 70mph winds having to dodge fallen trees in Norfolk.

We arrived at the bird at around 9am and were rewarded with great views as the bird done a circuit and at one point landed right above our heads.

No amazing pictures as the light was poor and the bird did not stop moving.

After this we went to Langdon Beck in the hope of Black Grouse, we drove from Langdon to St Johns Chapel seeing nothing on the way but on the way back a birders car stopped was looking at a Red Grouse.

Further down the road we found an additional 6 Red Grouse.

Then just at the end of the road we found some Black Grouse, 13 in fact in a distant field.

After some rather cold distant views in the snow we carried on. Then just around the corner Adam shouts there a Black Grouse in the tree. I laughed assuming he'd mistaken a bin bag or something, but reversed up any way and low and behold there was a Black Grouse in a tree right next to the road at eye level.

The Grouse was eating berries and looked rather soggy in the heavy snow that was then falling.


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  1. Excellent pics of the Black Grouse! Nice having the Myrtle Warbler sit above our heads. Too embarrassed to show most of my pics.