Thursday, 29 May 2014

Black-headed Bunting and Red-backed Shrike

Adam and I went last night to try see the Black-headed Bunting at West Runton, but the fact it had flown into someones garden and the rain was hard and nearly dark I gave up at about 8 and went home as I had other commitments anyway. Only to find out once I got home I had missed it by about 10mins.

So I went back this morning for another try with Adam. We got on site at around 4.45am no other birder showed until at least one hour later. We were soaked through and very cold.

But at around 6am and a few more birders I re-found the Black-headed Bunting as it flew on top of a nearby bush.

It gave crippling views and if my hands weren't numb I could of got my camera out quicker and got an awesome shot.

But never the less I got this one as it flew to a nearby roof before flying over the field to a distant bramble bush in the video.

After this we nipped to Beeston to see the Red-backed Shrike which was almost as good as the Bunting

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