Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Moths of April

I managed to run the trap a total of 5 times in April 3 times all night 5th and 10th both stopped at around 11.30 and the 11th, 19th and 20th were all nighters.

I caught only 10 species but 3 of which were lifers Early Grey, Pale Pinion and Many Plumed Moth.

My total number of species caught in the Garden up to the end of April is 15.

I also added the Emperor Moth to the life list on the 12th April as mentioned in a previous post.

Below is the list of moths caught and the total caught in April the number in brackets is the highest single count on a single night.

Common Quaker 15 (7)
Early Grey 11 (4) (New Moth)

Hebrew Character 10 (5)
Pale Pinion 1 (1) (New Moth)

Shuttle-shaped Dart 2 (1)
Small Quaker 5 (5)
Common Flat-body 2 (1)
Common Plume 1 (1)
Light Brown Apple Moth 1 (1)
Many Plumed Moth 1 (1) (New Moth)

This brings the total number of moths recorded in my garden to 210 of which 64 are micro and 146 are macro.

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