Sunday, 29 June 2014

Patching it - Pigney's Wood

I have been on short trips around the patch but as yet not really had anything to write about.

Yesterday was an exception, not a new bird for the patch but a bird that I have never had the chance to see so well. A Kingfisher.

Bird-wise the Kingfisher was the only bird of note, and after spending 45mins watching it I didn't leave myself much time to look for other bits. But here is the best of the rest although the species name I haven't a clue so I 'll give you a rough idea




Small Fly



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  1. There are a few bees with yellow bands and a white 'tail'. I think this one may be Garden Bumblebee (Bombus hortorum) because the yellow seems to be on the rear of the thorax and the start of the abdomen, although it's tricky to see on that photo.

    The beetle is Swollen-thighed beetle (Oedemera nobilis), the next one is the hoverfly Volucella pellucens, the small fly is a Picture-winged Fly (there are lots, I don't have a book that shows them all), orchid looks like Common Spotted, and finally the cricket is a young Dark Bush Cricket.