Saturday, 7 February 2015

Harlequin and other Scottish Wildlife

Adam and I spent the day in Scotland yesterday (6th Feb).

The aim was to see the long staying Harlequin Duck in Aberdeen.

We left at midnight and on a positive note we did see around 15 Barn Owls driving through Norfolk and the Early part of Lincolnshire.

We arrived at Seaton Park at around 9.15 and then we walked upstream along the river, Goldeneye and Goosander were showing well.

Then we came to the Harlequin Duck, at first it was preening but not long after it started to feed, diving into the fast flowing water.

We watched the bird for about an hour before heading home via the southern part of the Cairngorms.

We looked for Grouse around the Braemar Area, got really lucky finding a Black Grouse lek down one of the Glenss, two Ravens flew over also.

Also found two Dipper in the river.

The lek was a long way up a side of a mountain and I could only get a picture of two of the females

The view wasn't bad though

Also got some distant views of Mountain Hare which was great.

and some even further views of Red Deer.

As we left this Glen a hooded Crow flew in and a Buzzard spooked two Red Grouse

We moved on and on a brief stop to photograph some closer Red Deer

We saw a much closer Red Grouse 

And a much closer Mountain Hare

can you spot the Hare? see the video at the end for the answer.

One more stop on the along the way and viewing 40+ Red Grouse in a single flock Adam found 4 Ptarmigan three of which were in their pure white plumage, a great end to a great days twitching

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