Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Migrants on the Patch

On Monday I got out for the first time in ages, I checked out the moth trap at dawn and the clear skies gave me hope that a few migrants would be about along the coast.

I quickly counted up the four moths (Wow wee) and headed for Trimingham.

A quick stop at Gimingham and I added two Patch year ticks Chiffchaff and Pochard with the later actually being a Patch Work Challenge first in the three years of doing it.

I left for Trimingham and upon arrival I almost turned around as thick fog graced the coast with nearly zero visibility. I got out of the car and a eerie silence was around with no birds singing in the cold dank weather.

I headed for the cliff top and once arrived a showy Skylark sat in the field next to me.

A Meadow Pipit sat singing on the cliff top then flew west when others called overhead.

As did another tick for the PWC but the Lapland Bunting that was spotted further up the path was also spotted by the on coming Dog and was flushed west.

I carried on walking through the gloom and reached the Cliff Top wood and in here the familiar sound of a singing Firecrest was coming from the tree tops another year tick and 1 week earlier than the bird I recorded last year.

Below this years bird was to high and mobile to photograph.

Last years view was better.

Same goes for the view of the next bird I found, this time a year to the day since I found a Long-eared Owl on the Patch. Similar circumstances with flushing the bird out of scrub but this time losing it flying into the fog rather then into a nearby bush like last year.

After this surprising morning I headed for Pigney's Wood hoping my good luck would continue. Nothing rare but 18 Chiffchaff, a pair of Gadwall, a pair Teal, Kingfisher, Green Sandpiper and singing Lesser Redpoll and Blackcap were all of note.

I also got these pictures, I particually like the Reed Bunting below, as my four year old said when I showed her the picture "a beautiful bird in a beautiful bush"

I did go to Felbrigg with the family later in the afternoon where the Mandarin Ducks showed well, and a huge number of Toads were making there way to the lake.

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