Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Picture Catch Up

The Pictures From the Scilly Trip

Birders Watching the Red-Breasted Flycatcher

The Bluriest picture of a Red-breasted Flycatcher 15/10/2010

Common Rosefinch 15/10/2010

Firecrest Video Grab - 15/10/10
This was one of 5 in the area

Tawny Pipit Birders

Tawny Pipit 15/10/2010

The Big Squeeze for the Melodious Warbler

The Pub Garden Next to the Melodious Warbler

The Melodious Warbler (well a bit of it) 15/10/2010

Wheatear 16/10/2010

American Golden Plover 16/10/2010

Common Snipe 17/10/2010

Jack Snipe 17/10/2010

Greenshank 17/10/2010

Peacock 17/10/2010

Small Copper 17/10/2010

Turtle Dove 18/10/2010

Self Found Wryneck 18/10/2010

Herring Gull 18/10/2010

Lapland Bunting 18/10/2010

Self Found Richard's Pipit 19/10/2010

Green Heron 20/10/2010 (Helligan)

Cirl Bunting 20/10/2010 (Prawle)

Red-breasted Goose 21/10/2010 (Exminster) (unknown escaped Origin)

Lesser Yellowlegs 21/10/2010 (Oxford)

Squacco Heron 22/10/2010 (Angel)

Cattle Egret 22/10/2010 (Withybush)

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