Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Everything After Scilly's

The first day off and we headed for Nanquindo Valley getting out of the car Raven and Buzzard fly over. We spent time looking for the reported Pallas's Warbler but had no joy.

We then moved onto Lizard Point where after a bit of time saw two Chough (298) fly across the path in front of us.

Next stop was the Lost Garden's of Helligan where after the short walk we were getting great views of the Green Heron (299) it crept around the top pool always showing really well. We watched this for an hour or so before moving on to Devon.

It was really tight on light but we headed for Prawle Point, where upon arriving the sun had gone down but we were lucky to see 60+ Cirl Buntings (300) and I achieved my 300th bird of the year.

The next day we had three target birds and first was the Glossy Ibis that had been seen around Exminster Marshes the previous day, after a walk around the lovely reserve we could not find the Ibis I scaned through all the Wigeon inhope for an American but couldn't muster one.

Next stop was Oxford where after working out the bollard system that comes up during school hours we finally found the bird on the flooded field behind the school, we were watching the Lesser Yellowlegs (301) feeding well.

We then headed off and went to Draycotte Water but again with light fading fast we had to make a choice which end we went to search, we had a look but there was no sign of the Lesser Scaup that had been seen previously.

That evening we drove into Wales and stayed in Pembrooke for an early start.

Before first light we were at Angel Bay and after talking to a dog walker we got directions to another road, and after driving down the Squacco Heron (302) flew across in front of the car and landed in the ditch beside up.

We then went to Withybush and saw the Cattle Egret (303) on the airfield.

After this we called into Slimbridge and saw the American Wigeon (304) after an extensive search.

This was then the last bird of the trip as M25 traffic caused a halt to our journey. All in all a great trip. Pictures will be up very soon.

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