Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Easter - Four Days, 9 Patch Year Ticks and Two More Patch Lifers

 Got down to Trimingham at 6am on Good Friday (18th April) it was very windy and very cold.

The sunrise looked nice over the sea.

The birds were quiet and elusive a passing shower didn't help but the end of the rainbow was towards the end of the patch so surely there would be gold or something as good.

A fair few Meadow Pipits were about.

An unusual flock of 17 Common Gulls sat on the sea as I walked along the cliff top. Then a distant Sandwich Tern flew through. A single Swallow and the local Fulmar were also on the cliff top.

Towards the end of the rainbow a Tree Pipit flew over head and this was the first lifer of the weekend.

On the walk back a Yellow Wagtail landed in the field and was promptly chased away by a pair of Skylark. I then headed home to warm up, just like these flies.

On the Saturday a text whilst eating my breakfast got me rushing out the door. A chance for a second Patch Lifer this time at Pigneys Wood.

I got out of the car and was straight onto a Whitethroat, Willow Warblers, Chiffchaff and Blackcap were singing everywhere, spring had clearly arrived at Pigneys.

I walked straight to the pool I thought the bird had been seen on. I had no luck and thought I had miss read the directions so headed to the other pool.

I added Sedge Warbler to the list of spring arrivals before reaching the other pool. On the other pool was nothing so I headed back to the original spot for a closer inspection.

As I approached a flock of 7 Swans were trying to land this made the other birds a bit skittish. I walked up the steps and flushed the bird I wanted a male Mandarin.

I tried to relocate the bird but had no luck but did see a pair of Oystercatcher.

As I wondered back to the car I heard a call, that Fieldfare Blackbird cross, it was of course a Ring Ouzel, I hopped along the tree tops heading north and out of site.

Bonus of the morning was get this picture of an Orange Tip the first I have managed to photograph.

I also got some shots of an Holly Blue

I went back to Pigneys in the afternoon, the place was generally a lot quieter but a flock of 7 Bullfinch was lovely to see.

After that I popped to Ebridge this proved to be quiet also but its nice to know the Grey Wagtails are back again for the summer. This Muntjac was also around.

The end of the day finished with this wonderful sunset.

On the Sunday I went back to Pigneys extra early again the Warblers were singing everywhere including a Garden Warbler.

Saw this rather cool look Snail.

Also saw this very nice Fritillary

Seeing a Kingfisher was great but I soon gave up the morning hunt as the heavens opened and a Thunder Storm came right over head.

The Monday was more of the same started a Trimingham here was very quiet with the local Fulmar being the highlight.

I then went onto Pigneys were a Sand Martin made up for a quiet visit here also.

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