Thursday, 21 January 2016

More patch ticks

3rd Visit to Gimingham

On Saturday the Goosanders seem to of gone, The Heron was stood in the field and and a Treecreeper was new for the Gimingham part of the patch.

Gimingham - Species seen this visit 16, Total this year 38.

3rd Visit to Trimingham

A strong NW wind left the fields and Cliff Top woods very quiet. The sea was similar but a small group of Kittiwake were a British year tick. A single Brent goose and two Red-throated Diver were the only other birds on the see.

Just inland out of the wind and in the sun shine a large flock of Finches were nice to see with around 90 birds with half of them Goldfinch, around 30 Chaffinch and 15 Greenfinch. With this I thought that going to Pigneys would be a much better idea.

Trimingham - Species seen this visit 25, Total for the year 52.

3rd Visit to Pigney's

I was right to think that Pigneys would be better the shelter of the land and woods meant some areas of the wood were actually warm and the birds new it.

In one patch of the wood this Redwing sat high up in the tree until a Sparrowhawk flew through, the first Mistle Thrush for the year at site also flew over.

A patch year tick of two Brambling were in the tree tops, and in among the tit Flock was the Chiffchaff and a Marsh Tit.

Three Siskin also fed in the trees above.

The Brearded Tit were still around and a large flock Siskin were feeding in the far side of the reserve, this Lesser Redpoll was not as showy as the Siskin but was nice to see.

This Blackbird also looked smart although I cannot decide if I prefer the Brown or Blue background.

This Jay sat calling before a flock of Linnet flew over.

Pigney's - Species seen this visit 34, Total for the year 47

4th Visit to Pigney's

A really pleasant frosty dawn walk around the Woods.

Not much happened but these Pink-footed Geese flew over.

It was great to see a pair of both Nuthatch and Great Spotted Woodpecker in the woods.

The seven Bullfinch were also great to see. 

But the bird bird of the day was a Little Owl which is a British year tick.

Pigney's - Species seen this visit 46, Total for the year 56

Total for the Patch this year 88 

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