Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Patch Catch Up

Sorry for the late posting of these but had a very ill family and have not had the time.

3rd Visit to Ebridge 21st February 

A brief Sunday morning at Ebridge was nice the unseasonable warmth had led to a large number or Reed Buntings singing on this part of the patch.

Early on the walk this Buzzard flew over being chased by Crow.

Just before reaching the end of the canal a Little Egret took off the river and a Barn Owl which was new for the year flew off the meadows.

Further along an amazing count of Herons with 6 in the same field all pictured below.

This Rook flew over.

And whilst watching the Rook I spotted this Peregrine flying high over the patch.

A couple of pictures of some of the Reed Buntings singing.

Last years young Swan nearly grown up.

Ebridge species seen this visit 34, total for the year 44

6th Visit to Gimingham 27th February 
It was a lovely crisp sunny afternoon, with birds sparkling in the sunshine, that is unless your this Kingfisher lurking through the undergrowth hiding in the shadows.

Grey Wagtail was also seen as well as Herring Gull which was the first for Gimingham this year.

This Canada Goose, Mallard and Swan showed better at least.

Nothing else really of note was seen.

Gimingham species seen this visit 25 total for the year 45.

6th Visit to Trimingham 27th February 

Gimingham was 'crisp' and sunny, Trimingham felt like the Arctic, a strong wind off the sea, bitterly cold.

The birds knew it to, with hardly any around, nothing special seen. The only unusual observation was the counts of Common Gulls which was 37....

.... and the count of 4 Kestrels.

Trimingham species seen this visit 22, total for the year 59

7th Visit to Pigneys 27th February

Arrived at Pigneys at 4.30 so it was a late evening visit. Was still cold but a lot less wind.

Bullfinch's were around calling to each other as I got out of the car.

Long-tailed Tits seem to be flocking up ready for roost, with a much more muted call than you get during the day.

A couple of Redwing flew over and this Jay sat quietly in the trees.

I then got down to the water meadows and was please to see that the Bearded Tits were still there. I then saw a Coot which was a first for the year at the site. Then a patch year tick flew over and this was a Curlew.

The rest of the walk around was nice, hearing two Water Rails, and seeing my second Kingfisher of the day.

Before leaving a Woodcock flew from the wood and headed to the fields.

Pigneys Wood species seen this visit 37 total for the year 60.

2nd Visit to Witton Woods 27th February 

It was late but the visit had a purpose, it was to add an additional species for the year.

The plan worked, after seeing Wren, Robin, Wood Pigeon, Crow, Blackbird and 3 Buzzards going to roost the Tawny Owls started to call. With at least 5 birds present.

Witton Woods species seen this visit 7 total for the year 20.

2nd Visit to Witton Church 28th February

I had the children on Sunday one poorly one fine, I dropped the fine one off at a group so had an hour to kill with the poorly one asleep in the car. I felt the best place for me to hang out would be the area around Witton Church, obviously limited to standing outside the car only.

Signs of Spring were clear in the church yard with these daffodils in full bloom.

But as for the birds, being only the second visit of the year I added many new species (12 in total).

The highlights were a Nuthatch and day singing Tawny Owl by the Church.

Also nearby a large flock of Finches were great to sift though, with 80 Chaffinch, 30 Yellowhammer, 30 Goldfinch, 20 Reed Bunting and 10 Brambling shame I could pick out anything else.

These four Magpies kept a close eye on the flock though.

Witton Church species seen this visit 26 total for the year 34

Total Species on the whole patch this year now at 98.


Have been having fun watching the Peregrines from our new offices, although a bit distant they are visible by eye, especially when the male and female are chasing each other.  

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