Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Blakeney and two great mornings on the Patch

4th Visit to Ebridge 19th March

An unbelievable 3 species for the year added to the whole patch year list, and a whopping 17 new species for the area.

I got on site well before dawn, and with only enough light to just about see I headed off.

Reed Buntings were in full song as I walked along the river.

Water Rail were also around creeping along the edge of the reed beds.

Teal were flying off from the river with a Total of 12 birds seen, the first seen at the site this year. Two Tawny Owls flew into the woods another new bird for the site.

I managed to sneak up on this Chinese Water Deer to get this picture.

Also saw Red & Roe Deer and a Water Vole.

Next a new bird for the year on the patch as Two Egyptian Geese flew over. Follow by the 100th bird on the patch as a Gadwall took off the from the far end of the river, the first ever for the site.

I then stood at the far end of the river as it got light, this is where I added most of the new birds for the site this year as they started to become active.

Redwing flew over, Yellowhammer started to sing, Coal Tit, Long-tailed Tit and Goldcrest started to move around the bushes.

Greylag, Mallard, Herring Gull and a patch year tick Lesser Black-backed Gull also flew over.

These Cormorants were also new for the site.


Before walking back Great Spotted Woodpeckers started to drum nearby, and two Brambling flew in.

Walking back this Heron flew over....

....and this Mute Swan gave a swim past.

The last bird seen of note and new for the year at the site was a Sparrowhawk.

A fantastic early spring dawn visit.

Ebridge species seen this visit 51!!! total for the year 61.


After the patch visit I had work to do but luckily this was finished by lunch so I headed to Blakeney Fresh Marsh.

In the car park was this very showy Jackdaw.

I then walked along the sea wall seeing Teal..

Little Egret....

and Redshank.

Large flocks of both Curlew and Oystercatcher were in the harbour.

I then arrived at the Lapland Bunting site and was straight onto the birds. Someone has kindly but some seed down to allow people some amazing views.

Probably saw around 8 birds but never at the same time a definite 6.

It wasn't just the Lapland Bunting that impressed me.

With Skylark giving great views to.

 A small flock of Chaffinch also showed well with strangely 5 females and 1 male. 

A few Reed Buntings also came down to the seed almost in their full spring finery.

A Marsh Harrier flew over scaring every bird up into the air from the Buntings to the Brent Geese.

This Rock Pipit dropped in for a while before moving on.


This Black-headed Gull is nearly ready for spring.

After Blakeney I went for a walk around the nearby heathlands with this Linnet the only bird I saw.

9th Visit to Pigney's Wood 20th March

I got out early again. Early birds were the usual Blackbird, Robin and Song Thrush singing the night away.

A Water Rail was sat out in the open briefly, Munjac and Roe Deer were also around

A surprising 7 Buzzards then took off from the wood and drifted away.

A part from the above showy Song Thrush this Barn Owl was the real highlight of the morning.

Did have Tawny Owl and two pairs of Great Spotted Woodpecker, the Nuthatch was also around.

Pigney's species seen this visit 45 total for the year 68.

Total species on the patch this year 101.

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