Monday, 14 March 2016

Sheringham and the Patch

On Saturday, I had to pop to Cromer so headed down to Sheringham after, in hope of seeing the Purple Sandpiper.

Didn't see it the tide was out which I think never helps as then the people come out.

The Turnstones were showing well and at one point one actually hopped on my leg.

I also found this female Eider that was very close inshore.

She seemed tired and slept for the most part.

But did wake up and started feeding before I left.

7th Visit to Trimingham 12th March 

Not a bad start with this Buzzard perched up.

Although bird numbers seemed down I actually added 5 Ticks for the Timingham part for the patch.

Nothing unusual but surprising to be adding Great Spotted Woodpecker, Rook and Long-tailed tit so late into the year.

And the other two added were the Wintering Brambling and the Summering(ish) Chiffchaff.

Trimingham species seen this visit 34, total seen 64

8th Visit to Pigney's Wood

All was incredibly quiet at the woods as I walked around. Not many birds about, nothing calling, nothing singing.

Then I had one of them random 5 mins you get every now in then with birding where a group of quality birds appear at once.

I first stumble upon these Goosander..

Then this Sparrowhawk flies over...

A Kingfisher calls and lands out of sight in a nearby tree, a Great Spotted Woodpecker then drums and last but not least a Tawny Owl starts calling.

After this birds kept cropping up making the quiet day a worth while visit.

These Mute Swans seemed rather unsettled and kept fly around.

Then this Heron gave a fly past.

Water Rail started screaming in the reeds and a Cetti's Warbler sat up gave a blast of song and dived back into the reeds.

Plenty of Great Tits seemed to be paired up, along with Long-tailed Tits and Blue Tits.

Then on of the last birds of the day was the Chiffchaff that has been here all winter, this is the first and only photo I have managed.

Pigneys species seen this visit 43 total for the year 65.

No new birds for the whole patch so total still stands at 98.

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