Sunday, 17 October 2010

Day 3

After further reports of the Subalpine Warb yesterday we headed for Mount Todden farm and found the spot where it was seen. On the way up we saw the Turtle Dove at Porthloo, during our two hour stay at the trial we saw 31 Fieldfare and a Common Buzzard but no Subalpine. We did also hear a Raven but it called from behind trees.
We then head to longstones and had lunch and on to lower moors where we heard Crossbill fly over and got ace views of Jack and Common Snipe and a Greenshank. After this we went to Pennins Head where lots of pipits and Swallow were. We had a look for the Wryneck but had no luck but did see the Red-throated Diver.
It was now pub time so we headed to the Atlantic where we saw Grey Wagtail and Sparrowhawk then at 5.30 a Richards Pipit was seen at Giants Castle but on the way the Subalpine was seen again so we went straight there. I arrived with foot in pain and out of breath but managed good but brief views of the Subalpine Warbler (295) on the way there we did see a Merlin.

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