Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Scilly Last Day

Last day on Scilly's had an early boat to St Martins that we decided to catch after news of a Little Bunting the previous evening.
We arrived and headed straight to the site at higher town beach where the bunting had been seen no sign of the bunting but I heard a bird that I knew as Richards Pipit (297) which eventually I picked up in flight and then landed next to us.
After obtaining great views and getting some pics we put the news out (on pager as cb wasn't being heard) one other birder arrived and we failed to see the Richards again before news of a Red-flanked bluetail in middle Town.
We marched off and got great view before the real crowds arrived. After this we walked the Island before heading back seeing only the Red-throated Diver.
We headed up the Garrison for the afternoon seeing only 2 harbour porpiose and a Manx Shearwater. Also saw Raven on Martins. All in all been a good trip and tomorrow Green Heron awaits my arrival.

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