Thursday, 14 October 2010

Round Up

Thats it folks just as Stuart White complimented on how well I have manged to keep up with the Norfolk Year List (at the Willodious Warbler) whislt working full time, I get my foot in plaster a few days later, so any chances (although they were slim) of getting that are out the window having missed the OB Pipit and Red-flanked Bluetail but never mind I still have my target of 300 national the year closing in and as I am about to travel to Scilly tonight I hope to add a few more maybe even get the big three double O whilst I am there (and on the way back). Oh by the way had plaster off yesterday but still on crutches which will be fun.

Haven't updated for a while but heres a picture summary of whats been happening to me.

Also had a great afternoon sitting around the Shangri-la at Waxham watch hundreds of Goldcrests, Bramblings, Siskins and Redwings all flicking through.

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