Monday, 18 October 2010

Day 4 an easy day

After the 15 mile trek around the island yesterday my foot did not feel all that great, we started at Porthloo where we saw the Bar-tailed Godwit, news of a Dartford Warbler at the Garrison had us heading in that direction, we saw the Turtle Dove again at Porth Mellon.
We eventually made it up the Garrison and there had been no sign of the Dartford, we scopede Samson from the Star Castle and managed to see 6 Shelduck, Spoonbill and a Fulmar. We then went for a look over the top to see what we could see.
I spotted a bird dive into nearby brambles so I sent Adam in to have a look. What I had spotted was actully a Wryneck that then showed really well.
We continued round the Garrison and saw the much talked about white Blackbird I have heard about this for the last three years but had never actully seen it. I managed to pick up the 1w Med Gull in Porth Cressa. We head back to town done some shopping and went to Peninnis.
On the way up a quick detour to see some Lapland Buntings had me nearly standing on them (opps) they then continued to show well.
The rest of the day was spent sea watching and after 2 hours we clocked up loads of Gannets, 1 Puffin (296), 1 auk sp, 2 Kittiwake, 1 ad Med Gull and a Common Dolphin (which reminds me I saw a Harbour Porpiose first thing)

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