Saturday, 4 June 2011

A First for me

All these years of birding and general wildlife watching I have never actually seen a British Swallowtail. After reading Jim's Blog on the way home from seeing King's of Leon in Coventry on Monday night I decided that I would head out to Strumpshaw the next day and have a look.

Previous attemped have resulted in seeing the caterpiller only or have been to late or raining but Tuesdays weather was near perfect so the Family and I set off in search of the Swallowtail.

I had suggested to Claire that it would only be a 5 minute walk and we would see one and bizzarly I was right. Luckly the Sun had gone behind a clould just after I spotted this one which made it sit still so I could get a picture.

But once the sun came out again it became lively and flighty feeding franticly, two other then joined in the mix before we headed off for lunch at the Maltsters where we saw Common Tern, Great Creasted Grebe, Chiffchaff and two brand new 'Pub Birds' which were Cuckoo and Bullfinch.

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